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DryPants designed for kayak anglers by kayak anglers

Dry and warm is what Lovig Dry Pants are all about. Sitting in a kayak when you are wet and cold is not fun. Lovig Dry pants allow you to walk into the water when launching, jump into a wet kayak seat then get splashed and rained on for the rest of the day while you enjoy being dry from your kidney area to your toes. Great in Summer for early morning starts and cool weather changes or layer up with thermals underneath for the Winter.

Lovig Spray Pants

Lovig Kayak Fishing Splash Pants are lightweight, waterproof and breathable. Ideal to keep your legs dry from water splashing on deck. Perfect on warmer days when heavier waterproof/windproof pants would otherwise be overkill

Lovig Hooded Dry Top 

The Lovig Hooded Dry Top is a heavy duty waterproof, windproof and breathable jacket made with the rigours of kayak fishing in mind. Designed to keep you warm and dry in cool to cold wet and windy conditions.

Lovig spray top

The Lovig Spray Top is a lightweight waterproof, breathable and wind resistant paddling jacket. Designed to keep you warm and dry in cool to mild conditions while kayaking, fishing or sailing