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Compact single seat kayak.  Great for all the family, catching waves and fishing close to shore.  Light weight and easy to carry.  Can be stacked on a roof rack with other Squid 9's

Compact fishing kayak that packs a lot of features for it's size.  With built in rudder control the Gar 10 will track perfectly and spin on a dime. Great for inshore fishing and hitting the water without much fuss.  Perfect for any family member or a tradie wanting to get in a quick fish on the way home.

Larger super comfortable fishing kayak with great storage and multiple fitting options.  An awesome big water kayak for the serious angler spending long sessions on the water.  The paddler's deck chair is adjustable and sits above the deck allowing you to stay dry. The chair locates into two different height positions allowing for low position stability or extra height to see into the water.  With a 13' waterline and built in rudder control the Maverick 13 will glide quickly, track perfectly and turn freely.  A wider beam allows for good stability and the option of standing up without over compromising the hull speed.  

Midsize fishing kayak perfect most situations.  With a 12' length and built in rudder control the Kahawai 12 has good space, will paddle quickly, track perfectly and turn freely.  Great for inshore and offshore excursions.  A molded in catch tank provides neat storage for fish and baits coupled with a clip down lid with mounting options for additional accessories or a fish finder.

A stable two seater kayak all rounder, great for family's and fishing with an extra molded seat position in the center.  This allows a third child sized person to squeeze in or a single user to move one of the backrests and paddle from the centralized position on their own and get correct boat trim. The Asylum Double is large enough in size to float high and dry on the water without becoming too cumbersome to load and store.